Join Us on Connect@AOM

In our fast-paced digital world, you frequently rely on the ability to interact with others online. With AOM members living around the world, interacting in a digital community is necessary to stay informed and connected. In response to this growing need, AOM offers Connect@AOM, an online community that provides an engaging experience by connecting you with others to share ideas on management and organizational research. 

Benefits of Connect@AOM

Enhanced Engagement

Threaded conversations viewed online or delivered via email in a daily digest. Members can upload videos or attachments and embed graphics into conversations.

Knowledge-Sharing Resource

Each community has a centralized library to share files, which creates a valuable repository of documents and a knowledge base around specific, topical categories. Through Connect@AOM, you can comment, engage, and collaborate with others around files and resources.

Centralized Calendar of Events

With Connect@AOM’s Community Calendar, you can share dates and deadlines for items such as special community events, calls for papers, conferences, or workshops. The community is a valuable resource for important events and happenings within the community.

Join a Connect@AOM Community

If you already have an AOM account, ensure that you’re signed in, and then click a community link below to visit the community. Members are automatically enrolled in Communities based on their DIG enrollment and conference registration. Note that communities require you to join the group before you browse or post messages. 

Create an AOM account and join the Connect@AOM conversation!

Academy of Management Student Network: View or Join

Alternative Economic Futures: View or Join

Business Ethics Teaching Space: View or Join

Community of Academy Senior Scholars: View or Join

Culture and Climate in Organizations: View or Join

Disabled Faculty Network: View or Join

Diversity & Inclusion Theme: View or Join

Emotions in Organizational Settings: View or Join

Employee Volunteering: View or Join

Greek Management Scholars' List: View or Join

Humanistic Management: View or Join

Iberoamerican Academy of Management: View or Join

Leader-Member Exchange Scholars: View or Join

LGBTQ+ Scholars and Friends: View or Join

Managing for Sustainability: View or Join

Native, Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples Caucus: View or Join

Network of Leadership Scholars: View or Join

New Doctoral Student Consortium: View or Join

Organizational Neuroscience: View or Join

Poverty Scholarship Action: View or Join

Qualitative Comparative Analysis Net: View or Join

The Indian Academy of Management: View or Join

Please email with questions about the community. If you are interested in creating a new Connect@AOM community, please complete the request form.