Call for Scholarly Program Submissions: Social Issues in Management (SIM)

Program Chair: Katherina Pattit, University of St. Thomas,

The SIM Division is a research community actively examining business ethics, stakeholder management, environmental management, social entrepreneurship, base-of-the-pyramid activities, corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, workplace diversity, corporate governance, business-government relations, corporate political strategy, and corruption, among other topics. SIM Division members engage in theory building and theory testing to understand the antecedents, impacts, and institutional settings that shape managerial and organizational decision-making around such topics. SIM Division members seek to understand responsible behavior and contributions to the common good at the individual, organizational, and trans-organizational levels. Further, we study international impacts with regard to whether, how, and under what conditions managerial, organizational, and trans-organizational responses to social concerns vary based on formal and informal institutional contexts, including laws, customs, traditions, and beliefs.

SIM seeks proposals for the main program sessions (Sunday, 9 August, Monday, 10 August, and Tuesday, 11 August) at the 2020 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The common logic of scholarship in the SIM Division is our shared interest in understanding responsible managerial behavior at the individual, organizational, and trans-organizational levels. Paper and symposium proposals may choose to incorporate this year’s conference theme:  20/20: Broadening our Sight. Herman Aguinis, this year’s AOM Program Chair, described the theme as follows (you can find his full remarks here).

“By broadening our sight, we can overcome dichotomies and avoid zero-sum propositions. Broadening our sight creates synergies, increased value-added, and positive results for individuals, organizations, society, and the field of management and organizations. To so do, I invite you to provide answers to questions such as: How can we integrate qualitative/quantitative and micro/macro methodologies, theories, and domains? How can we have impact on both internal (i.e., other academics) and external (i.e., practitioners, policy makers) stakeholders? How can we integrate our research and teaching activities? How can we value different types of publications that target internal (e.g., other researchers) and external (i.e., practitioners) stakeholders? How can we find convergence across different domains to tackle common theoretical and practical problems? How can we balance scientific rigor with the demands for quick publications? How can the Academy of Management serve the diverse interest of its global membership? How can management and organizations build meaningful collaborations with other fields? How can firms embrace sustainability and financial performance?”

The 20/20 theme is highly relevant for the SIM community, as much of our work touches directly or indirectly on these and similar dichotomies (e.g. stakeholder/shareholder, business/ethics, normative/empirical). Submitters are encouraged to reflect on the conceptual and practical links their work offers to the program theme:  20/20: Broadening our Sight.

While we encourage proposals related to the conference theme, we also welcome non-thematic proposals about other topics within the SIM domain, including, but not limited to, ethical decision-making, corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, natural business ethics, stakeholder engagement and relations, environmental management, base-of-the-pyramid, social entrepreneurship, moral development, public policy, and corporate political strategy.

The SIM Division also sponsors numerous awards, including best paper, best student paper, best ethics paper, best dissertation, and best book. The winners of these awards are announced at the SIM business meeting held on Monday afternoon during the conference.

Submission Details: The Submission Center opens in early December 2019 and the deadline for papers and symposia is Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). Please try to submit earlier if possible.

Please pay particular attention to all of the submission guidelines. The Program Chairs have agreed to apply them rigorously and reject non-conforming papers. All submissions must be made online.

If you have any questions that cannot be clarified through the website, please contact Katherina Pattit, 2020 SIM Division Program Chair ( before 15 December 2019.