Strategizing, Activities and Practices (SAP)

Call for Submissions

PDW Chair: Leonhard Dobusch, University of Innsbruck, Austria,

Call for PDW Submissions 2020

 The Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP) interest group invites creative and forward-looking proposals for the professional development workshops (PDWs) to be held during the 2020 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Vancouver (Canada).

Given that the SAP interest group investigates what people do when they take part in strategy-making – both within and across organizational boundaries - SAP research may really help to broaden our sight, as suggested by the AOM 2020 Theme. At the same time, however, living up to this potential also requires us to reflect on and critically revisit concepts and methods conventionally applied in SAP research. One way of doing so is to broaden our sight by engaging with both theories and topics connected to but not yet established in the realm of SAP research. For instance, we have recently observed intensified efforts to link practice theory with neo-institutionalism under the banner of practice-driven institutionalism. This and similar attempts of theoretical integration may not only offer new ways of capturing strategy but also provide links to studying phenomena such as new forms of (digital) organizing within and beyond organizational boundaries or addressing grand societal challenges from an SAP perspective. Methodologically, in turn, broadening our sight implies openness to new methods and their combination in mixed-method designs.

Building upon such a reading of the AOM 2020 theme of “20/20 Broadening our Sight”, we specifically invite proposals for PDWs that go beyond previous perspectives on SAP research and teaching in terms of both themes and methods. Some possible themes include:

  • Comparing, contrasting or integrating practice-based approaches to strategy-making with other theoretical concepts of strategy-related activities in and across organizational boundaries
  • Exploring new empirical developments of digital strategizing that allow for integrating broader perspectives in organizational strategy making
  • Providing doctoral students and early career scholars with tools to navigate the changing academic environment

PDWs at AOM conferences offer a fertile platform for explorations outside the traditional presentation formats in the main conference. These workshops can take on various forms such as paper development sessions, career networking and development meeting, methodological bootcamps, group discussion sessions or even barcamp-style events. As such, ground for generative dialogues and collective knowledge creation and sharing, among the participants, is offered.

The PDW sessions will be held between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Friday, 7 August and Saturday, 8 August 2020. Keeping the theme of the “20/20: Broadening our Sight” in mind, we strongly encourage PDWs that appeal to a wide range of audiences and themes beyond the SAP community by building linkages with other divisions and interest groups. Please indicate potential co-sponsors in the submission document (e.g., OMT, STR, ODC, MC, RM, TIM). The minimum duration of a PDW is 2 hours, but submitters are welcome to request a duration of 1.5 hours if they feel it would better serve the workshop, session flow, and attendee engagement. The 1.5 hour duration request must be documented in the uploaded proposal document itself at the time of submission and the PDW Chair will subsequently reduce the duration to 1.5 hours on the submitter’s behalf. The deadlines for submission is Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). Submitters are strongly encouraged to discuss potential PDWs with SAP PDW chair, Leonhard Dobusch (