Public and Non Profit (PNP) Call for Submissions

PDW Chair: Justin Stritch, Arizona State University,

2020 Professional Development Workshops: Call for Proposals

The Public and Non-profit Division (PNP) invites creative Professional Development Workshop (PDW) proposals that are interactive, innovative, and which enhance the skills of public and non-profit scholars and practitioners. Submitters may want to develop workshops that relate to the 2020 All-Academy conference theme of “20/20: Broadening our Sight.”

Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions at the annual Academy of Management meeting will be held Friday, 7 August and Saturday, 8 August 2020 from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

We are particularly interested in PDW proposals focused on any of the following aims:

  • Supporting junior faculty
  • Succeeding in the retention, promotion, and tenure process
  • Publishing research
  • Writing research grants and pursuing funding
  • Developing technical skills for research
  • Collaborating with practitioners on research projects
  • Communicating research findings to the practitioner community
  • Innovating the practice of teaching

We especially welcome PDW workshops that leverage the unique nature of the Academy of Management meetings to enhance communication between Public and Nonprofit Division researchers and the broader community of management scholars. Proposals that are likely to engage scholars from other divisions in topics of interest to public and nonprofit scholars and create the capacity for multi or interdisciplinary methods or understandings will be given top priority.

The aforementioned preferences notwithstanding, we will duly consider all proposals that seek to enhance the professional development of the Public and Non-profit Division’s members.

PDWs provide the opportunity to experiment with new models and ideas for sessions that do not fit within the confines of the regular program. PDWs can take place on-site at a conference hotel or off-site at another location in the community. However, submitters should take care not to create proposals for PDWs that would be more appropriate in other conference formats such as panel sessions, symposia, and caucuses. If the primary purpose of your proposal is to gather scholars for a discussion or to present theories, ideas, or concepts, PDW is probably not the appropriate forum. See this this page for more information about different formats at AOM.

Before submitting, please think about the following five questions as they pertain to a PDW.

  • Does the workshop offer a high quality and high-level learning experience that has a significant positive impact on the professional development of the participants?
  • Does the workshop provide participants with a clear "take away"? (e.g. learn new skill; develop a new research plan)
  • Does the workshop have a theme and a group of participants that will draw a strong audience regardless of competing sessions or scheduling restrictions?
  • Does the workshop encourage multi-way conversation and interaction among participants from multiple divisions, disciplines, regions, career stages, or demographic backgrounds?
  • Is the workshop creative and innovative in all of its elements?

Proposal Guidelines

In your PDW proposal, please include the following sections:

  • Professional development objective: What skill, work product, or actionable plan will participants develop during the workshop?
  • Relevance or importance: Why is development of this skill, work product, or plan important to PNP scholars/teachers? Why do you believe this workshop will draw a strong audience regardless of competing sessions or scheduling restrictions? Will it draw participants from outside the division?
  • Relationship to all-academy theme: If relevant, please indicate how your proposal relates to this year’s Academy theme.
  • Structure and Audience Engagement: How will the audience engage in interactive activity during this workshop? Please demonstrate why you believe this approach is pedagogically sound. In what ways will the proposed workshop encourage participation from a broad audience (or why is it appropriate to focus on a more narrow audience, if applicable)? How much time is needed and how will it be used?
  • Key Biographies: Provide short biographies (~125 words) of each organizer and key presenter.

The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). Please submit your PDW proposals here. Only submissions through the electronic system will be accepted. The Submission Center is scheduled to open in early December 2019 and proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Please note that there is limited space on the PDW program, so acceptance of proposals is competitive.

Contact PNP’s PDW Chair, Justin Stritch, at  if you have any questions.