PDW Chair: Michael Jarrett, INSEAD
2022 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions

The Academy of Management’s conference theme of Creating a Better World Together naturally fits with the mission and shared values of the Organization Development and Change Division. Thus, ODC’s emphasis on applying research to the challenges of organizational change, management practice and collaboration becomes particularly relevant in a post-pandemic world.

Recent years have brought widespread disruption, leaving fractures in our institutions, organizations and social relationships. Considering these events, the Organization Development and Change (ODC) Division welcomes Professional Development Workshop (PDW) that include these issues. PDWs provide opportunities for your professional development. They represent unique spaces for engagement around compelling topics, skill acquisition, and sharing of expertise. They are spaces where scholarship and practice meet, inclusively, to advance our research, practice, and teaching.

This year, PDWs will be scheduled throughout the annual meeting period between 5-9 August  2022. We invite proposals for a hybrid 2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

This year’s All-Academy Theme – Creating a Better World Together - resonates with the ODC Division’s community of scholars and practitioners. The DNA of the ODC Division focuses on how to find common ground, looking broadly at issues related to change and changing. Consistent with the spirit of both the Division and theme, we especially look for proposals that develop generative new insights relating to change and changing to making the world a better place. All scholars and practitioners are welcome, regardless of membership, as we seek to build bridges across divisions and communities. We are open in terms of topics and focus, and encourage you to communicate with us about potential PDW ideas. Topics could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Exploring the roles that business can play in the community to heal social rifts

  • Improving organizations practices that foster a more humanizing experience within organizations

  • Developing new forms of collaboration and working together across diverse groups or existing fault lines

  • Addressing the hidden barriers and consequences that undermine equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

  • Helping business, governments and communities tackle the challenges of climate change

These are some tentative ideas. In addition, your proposal need not align with the Annual Meeting. However, we are looking for proposals that you and others in the ODC community, broadly construed, and find to be engaging. You can find the Division’s domain statement here.

Our experience of the last two years has provided opportunities to work in virtual and hybrid spaces. Thus, we encourage submissions to propose innovative designs. Your PDW may take the form of workshops, town hall meetings, debates, cafes, breakout sessions, round tables, research incubators—or other novel forms you may envision. We are open to a range of different topics and formats that will interest the ODC community.

Successful proposals are highly interactive, create an engaging environment, provoke new ideas and learning, and integrate innovative scholarship with applied ideas, processes, and practices. Proposals should be inclusive of participants from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Since ODC-related work is broadly interdisciplinary, we especially encourage PDWs that facilitate interactions between ODC academics, ODC practitioners, and members of other divisions. We encourage submissions on research, teaching, and/or practice.

Proposals require a statement showing that all named participants have consented to participate in the PDW. The AOM’s “Rule of Three” for the PDW program is that “no one may submit or be associated with over 3 PDW submissions; or appear in more than 3 PDW sessions during the conference.”

PDW proposals must be submitted through the Academy of Management’s electronic Submission Center here.  The deadline for submission is Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 17:00 (5 pm) ET (NY Time).

If you have questions or would like to discuss a potential workshop idea, please contact the ODC Division’s PDW Chair, Michael Jarrett.