Call for Scholarly Program Submissions: Entrepreneurship Division

Program Chair: Sarah L. Jack, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE),

The Entrepreneurship Division now invites paper and symposium proposals for the 2020 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Vancouver BC, Canada, 7 - 11 August 2020. Proposals should fit the domain of the Entrepreneurship Division which includes not only the phenomena of self-employment, new-venture formation, small-business management, innovation, and firm growth but also more general ideas about the recognition, analysis, and exploitation of perceived entrepreneurial opportunities; the nature of novelty, creativity, and innovativeness among individuals and organizations; and how people and groups exercise judgment under uncertainty and in a variety of contexts.

This year's conference theme is " 20/20: Broadening our Sight". The most pressing challenges in the 21st century are directly or indirectly related to conflict, discrimination, corruption, well-being, economic opportunity, equality, and climate change. Entrepreneurship fits particularly well here. Entrepreneurship is critical for understanding the emergence of new organizational forms such as platforms and ecosystems, worker empowerment, decentralized and open innovation systems, and similar arrangements that foster inclusion, societal development, decentralization, and participation. Communities, industries, places and entire economies are increasingly reliant on a diverse set of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures to foster growth and sustainable business development and deal with the challenges we are facing. As such, entrepreneurship is at the forefront off today's most important social and economic issues. As members of the Entrepreneurship Division we are in a privileged position to produce and disseminate knowledge to address the challenges of the 21st century. Using the 20/20 vision analogy - we can see things more clearly - we invite members of the Entrepreneurship Division to offer further insight and join in the discussions around this critical theme.

Paper and symposium proposals are due Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). The Submission Center will open in early December 2019. Submission guidelines and instructions are  here. While we are particularly interested in submissions that relate to the conference theme, papers and symposia on any aspect of entrepreneurship are welcome.

Thank you: We continue to thank all of our members and colleagues who have submitted, reviewed and volunteered in this and previous years. You have helped make the ENT division collegiate, inclusive, and welcoming and a special place to be for all.

Reviewers needed: We strongly encourage all who are submitting to the Entrepreneurship Division to support us by volunteering to review for the Entrepreneurship Division. The Division needs at least 1,500 reviewers. Your help in supporting our community with this task and helping its growth and development is greatly appreciated. The reviewer sign-up system opens early December 2019.

Division Awards: The Entrepreneurship Division recognizes several best paper awards and best dissertation awards.

Submission Process: All submissions must be made through the AOM submission website. Please review all submission guidelines and formatting instructions carefully before submitting. If any guidelines or formatting instructions are not met, the submission cannot be reviewed. Please direct any questions to