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Mission Statement

The mission of AMD is to publish phenomenon-driven empirical research that theories of management and organizations neither adequately predict nor explain. Data on these poorly-understood phenomena can come from any source, including ethnographic observations, lab and field experiments, field surveys, meta-analyses, construct validation research, and replication studies. AMD welcomes exploratory research at the pre-theory stage of knowledge development, where it is premature to specify hypotheses, and which generates surprising findings likely to stimulate and guide further exploration and analysis. This research must be grounded in rigorous state-of-the-art methods, present strong and persuasive evidence, and offer interesting and important implications for management theory and practice.

AMD is quarterly in March, June, September, and December.

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  • Events Around the Globe

    Oct. 15, 2017
    Perth, Australia, University of Western Australia, Alex Luksyte

    Oct. 18, 2017
    Melbourne, Australia, University of Melbourne, Management Workshop

    Oct. 31, 2017
    Zurich, Switzerland, ETH Zurich, Department of Management Technology & Economics, Pre-registration AMD Workshop

    Nov. 18, 2017
    New York, NY, USA, NYU, Stern School of Business, AMD Professional Development Conference

    Jan. 27, 2018
    Guangzhou, China, Sun Yat-sen University, Lingnan (University) College of Business, More details to come...

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    AMD publishes articles that present strong and persuasive evidence to inform readers about interesting and important phenomena with clear and timely implications for understanding and improving management and organizations. More information may be found here.

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