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History based on Volunteerism

The Academy's history reveals it has been a volunteer driven society from its beginnings.  Our volunteer leadership structure has ensured that the future of the Academy is shaped by its members. As a professional, voluntary association, the Academy of Management strives to create community by building networks that facilitate learning and open exchanges.  Volunteering also provides a personal return on investment such as the ability to touch and influence the direction of the Academy, growing your own leadership skills and building relationships with new contacts.  The Academy's long history of volunteerism has helped to position it as a global leader in the advancement of management, and we celebrate members for their volunteerism, their service in leadership capacities, and their professional accomplishments through our Awards and Recognition activities.

AOM Online connects members to each other and to the larger world through directories and links. The Academy has numerous networks and many forums for discussion where our virtual communities reside. Our divisions and interest groups create a sense of place for those seeking an intellectual home and a means of establishing ties with others in various management disciplines.  Volunteering for your division or interest group is encouraged as a way to begin building new relationships with fellow colleagues that have similar interests.

Did you know that …

  • The Academy hosts 50 listservs connecting nearly 10,000 people. Members host listservs at their institutions linking thousands more.
  • In 2012, the Academy's annual meeting brought together over 11,000 attendees. 9,369 people were on the program, and 3,769 people served as volunteer reviewers! Hundreds volunteered in other capacities.
  • Members belong to at least two divisions and interest groups. Almost half find a home in more than two. This translates to nearly 30,000 connections to division and interest groups.
  • As reviewers, editorial staff, special editors, and volunteer boards, approximately 1,500 people contribute their time to the Academy's journals, interacting with as many as 2,500 authors.
  • Across the Academy, more than 60 awards programs recognize members for their service and accomplishments annually.
  • There are 883 members listed in the Leadership Directory and an estimated 2,000 more doing volunteer work at any given time! Would you like to volunteer? See Volunteer Opportunities...

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