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Important Update from The Academy of Management for Swets Library Customers

As was made public last month, Swets & Zeitlinger Group B.V. and Swets Information Services B.V. have been declared bankrupt.  Academy of Management library customers are exposed to a definite risk if they continue to submit payments to Swets for any AOM orders with Swets.

Our concern is specific to all payments made to Swets for 2014 and any 2015 library subscriptions. Our reason for making this announcement is to control and reduce the potential impact this situation might have on your institution and give you the time to consider your options before committing to your 2015 library subscriptions and payment options.

We strongly suggest that you consider using alternative agents for any existing or planned AOM library subscriptions or contact the Academy directly.   

We would like to assure our valued library customers that we will do everything in our power to reduce the impact of this unfortunate situation, subject to any constraints the Academy may face in this process.

Please contact the Academy of Management directly at  should you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription.

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