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AMP Award Winners

Decade Award

Barsade, Sigal G. and Gibson, Donald E. . 2007. Why Does Affect Matter in Organizations? Academy of Management Perspectives, 21:1 36-59.

Sigal G. Barsade

Sigal G. Barsade
Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania

Donald Gibson

Donald E. Gibson
Dolan School of Business, Fairfield University

Best Paper Award

Davis, Gerald F. 2016. Can an Economy Survive Without Corporations? Technology and Robus Organizational Alternatives. Academy of Management Perspectives, 30:2 129-140.


Gerald F. Davis
University of Michigan



  Decade Award

Javidan, M., Dorfman, P.W., Sully de Luque, M. & House, R.J. 2006. In the Eye of the Beholder: Cross Cultural Lessons in Leadership from Project GLOBE. Academy of Management Perspectives, 20:1 67-90.

  Mansour Javidan, Thunderbird School of Global Management
  Peter W. Dorfman, New Mexico State University
  Mary Sully de Luque, Thunderbird School of Global Management
  Robert J. House (Deceased), University of Pennsylvania
  Best Paper Award

Kryscynski, D. and Ulrich, D. 2015. Making Strategic Human Capital Relevant: A Time-sensitive Opportunity. Academy of Management Perspectives, 29:3 357-369.

  David Kryscynski, Brigham Young University
  Dave Ulrich, University of Michigan

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