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Reviewing Manuscripts

This seventh in a series on Ethics of Research and Publishing discusses questions of: Should I review a paper for which I am well qualified but also fairly certain of the author's identity? Should I decline to review a paper if I feel I lack the expertise to do a high quality review? If the paper I am reviewing relates closely to my current work, is it possible to cite or use the work in my paper? Do I have an ethical responsibility to meet the deadlines of review assignments I am given? Do I have an ethical responsibility to review articles for journals and conferences?

Interviews include: Amy J. Hillman, Arizona State University; Jim Walsh, University of Michigan; Angelo Denisi, Tulane University; Linda K. Trevino, Penn State University; Amy J. Hillman, Arizona State University

This series was developed by the Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management as an initiative resulting from the Strategic Plan of the Academy. 

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